Instant tan review: Vita Liberata

Hi gang,

This summer has been temperamental to say the least, and although the sun is currently shining (wooo), this year I’ve needed tan from a bottle more than ever. Now, sometimes fake tan gets a bad rep, but if you’re really into a natural-looking glow, here’s a tanning product that you really need to know about.

I always feel happier when my skin has a kiss of colour and 9/10 times, that comes from a bottle – because two-week beach holidays don’t come often (in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a two week beach holiday). In my ultimate guide to fake tan I mentioned Vita Liberata’s Body Blur and how much I loved it, but I thought I would dedicate a full review to it as it is really that good!

This is the kind of product that you don’t know you need in your life, until you try it. And then you think to yourself “how did I ever live without that?” The way I like to think of it is like a fake tan/bronzer/perfecting lotion all in one. You’ll be amazed by the flawless results, trust me.


The application

It’s pretty similar to an instant tan in terms of application. I usually wear latex gloves and a tanning mitt to protect my hands and then I sweep on in long, light motions. No rubbing in circles as this action will just buff the tan back off again. One thing you’ll notice about this product is that the drying time is next to nothing – as soon as you are finished perfecting your fingers and toes, the formula is dry enough for clothes. For that reason, it’s ideal for last-minute touch-ups or on-the-go tanning.

The results

First thing to mention here is that the colour options are really natural – no garish orange or dodgy dark patches here. You’ll just look like you’ve stepped off the plane from Spain (minus the sangria hangover).

One of my main issues with ordinary fake tan is the uneven results that can easily occur. If I tan one night, the next morning I can quite often wake up with a streaky bit if I’m not careful. What is most amazing about this product is that the finish is utterly flawless. You’ll be hard pushed to find a fault and it cleverly manages to buff out any skin imperfections too like blemishes/redness etc.


The way a really good CC cream can make your skin look flawless without looking like you’ve overdone it with make-up, is similar to the way this product beautifully smooths out your skin tone and leaves you with an envy-inducing glow.

Honestly, try it, it’s tan-tactic (sorry….not sorry)

R x

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