London Sound Bath Review

What is a sound bath?

Hopefully this blog post will answer that question for you – and also why you should be embarking on this kind of therapy.

It was a cold, snowy winter’s evening when I headed to the Crystal Sound Lounge in London for a unique relaxation section. A sound bath is a concept that had interested me for a while, so when the opportunity came up to review it for You & Your Wedding, I jumped at the chance. They specialise in mindfulness sessions that incorporate the power of sound. Sometimes gongs are used to soothe the mind, but my session included the therapist, Chai using crystal bowls to create an enchanting tune.

It was a group session and we entered the room to find a yoga mat, blanket and pillow all neatly laid out for each of us. Once in a comfortable position (eyes shut and tucked up in the blanket), the class began.


Chai talked us through relaxing our minds and bodies and eventually he just let the mesmerising sounds do all of the work. It took me a while to fully switch off from my surroundings, but once I did, the experience was amazing. It’s a funny feeling when your constantly-active thoughts get taken over by the hum of the bowls. The only thing to partially disrupt my tranquil, transcendent experience was the lady snoring a few mats down (I told you it was relaxing!).

I left the class feeling like I had been hypnotised (in the best way possible) – I was literally floating down the street in a world of my own. That idyllic bubble even managed to stay with me during my sweaty tube journey home. I felt oh-so Zen for the rest of the evening – the perfect Sunday-night relax before heading back to work on Monday.


If I’m ever going through a stressful time, or just feel the need for some inner calm, I’ll definitely be heading back for another class (I just hope the snoring lady isn’t there again!).

R x

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