How I celebrated Christmas back in Bristol

Hey everyone,

First of all – Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fabulous time and santa brought you everything you wished for.

This wasn’t actually a blog post I planned on writing, but after starting to film the pilgrimage back to Bristol for Christmas I thought it would be quite fun to show you what I got up to over the festive period.

Check out my vlog below!

Day one

We headed for Paddington Station, to get the train back to Briz. It was quite a luxury for us getting the train as we usually go for the more affordable option of the coach. After catching up with the fam and unpacking our huge suitcases, we both headed out separately with friends for festive drinks. The copious amounts of cocktails and proseccos didn’t make it to the vlog, but I can highly recommend Revolución de Cuba if you’re out in Bristol.

“Driving home for Christmas” – well, the train driver technically drove us home but still…

Day two

Most of this day was spent wrapping presents – essentially loosing the end of the sellotape more times than I care to remember. But once the present pile was done and dusted, I was rewarded with family time and pizza – winning!

Day three – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was a busy one for me. First on my to-do list was visiting my nan to see my cousins and give them their pressies. Next, I went round to Arthur’s mum’s for food and games. Then, my last stop of the evening was round at my besties for more food (not complaining) and more presents (definitely not complaining).


Day four – Christmas Day

Christmas Day started as it usually would – with Buck’s Fizz and pressies but then this year was a little different. My mum headed off to work so there was no Turkey dinner for us but a Christmas film and a little snooze was actually quite a nice chilled way to spend the day.

Day five – Boxing Day

Christmas Day 2.0.
While everyone else was nursing their prosecco hangovers and sorting through their Turkey leftovers, the fun was just beginning for us. After Champers and presents, we enjoyed a Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings (thanks mum!).

So that’s what I got up to over the week! Keep an eye out for my next blog post about New Year’s resolutions…

R x

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