The best classes to try at Frame

Hi lovelies,

Now the sun is finally shining your thoughts may have turned to getting fit for the summer. So I thought I’d give you a run down of my favourite fitness classes at Frame. And the good news is, whether you’re a total novice or a fitness fiend, there’s something for everyone. I’ve been to both Hammersmith and Victoria studios, but they also have studios in Shoreditch, Kings Cross, Fitzrovia & Farringdon.

Yin Yoga

The perfect place to start if you’re looking to ease yourself into fitness gently. Or, perhaps you’re craving some total chill time. This class is all about moving slowly and it involves holding stretches for quite a while. You’re encouraged to close your eyes whenever possible to fully relax and concentrate on how your body feels. You will leave the class feeling like you’re floating on air – it’s amazing.


Power Yoga

Another yoga class, but it couldn’t be more different to Yin Yoga. This one is all about building stretch and challenging yourself. The fast-paced flows will help you work up a sweat and the variations on usual yoga poses will give you something new to try. I’d recommend this class for experienced yogis looking for something a little different.


Ass and abs

This is a ‘does-what-it-says-on-the-tin’ kinda class. Your ass and abs will be worked to the max. It’s a little bit like legs, bums and tums but maybe a bit harder. I knew it was going to be a full on workout then I was asked to grab ankle weights and a resistance band at the door. Although I probably have to attend more than just one class if I want an ass like J Lo’s and abs like Britney Circa 2001.

Reformer Pilates

Now this isn’t a class for the faint hearted. There’s a reason that reformer fans have model-esque figures – it certainly does whip you into shape. I tried their beginners class and thank god I did. It was about five minutes in before I was shaking all over and my muscles were burning. However, even though it’s pretty tough the lovely teacher kept us going with his funny and motivational comments throughout. One to try if you already attend a lot of gym classes and want a challenge.


With studios all over London, I’d definitely suggest checking out Frame for your next workout. Plus, if you’re a newbie you can try a class for free with this link.

R x

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