My New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

As we enter 2023, I have to admit that my mind still thinks it’s circa 2020 – but we’ve got a pandemic to blame for that. But as usual, I start the new year with a few goals and aims and here they are…

Dry January

I’ve never ever, ever done dry Jan, usually concluding that bubbles are needed to get through the dullest month of the year, however, in 2023 I’m up for the challenge. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy with the social calendar filling up fast already but I’m hoping a no-booze month will be a healthy start to the New Year. Come Feb, I’ll see you at the bar!

Hair Oiling

A resolution that will be much easier to stick to than numero uno – I’m going to vow to take good care of my locks in 2023. My hair is naturally quite thick and grows quickly but I do suffer from frizz so in a bid to keep the frizz at bay, I’m trying the Tik Tok hair oil trend. I’ll apply an oil to my locks every few days to give my hair a moisture boost. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Reading more

I’ve got quite a few books on my to-read list including Adam Kay’s Undoctored, Clare Macintosh’s Hostage and None of this is Serious by Catherine Prasifka. So, I figured I actually better start reading a bit more. I used to read on my commute and now I don’t have one I do find it hard to dedicate time to it, but I’m going to try.


Keeping up house projects

In the first year of having our new home we’ve rattled through the renovations, with a lot of DIY projects completed. I’m determined to not let the momentum fade so that we can have the house pretty much finished this year. As I’ve been told a million times, apparently you’re never ‘finished’ as another room will need re-doing by then, but you know what I mean.


Did I stick to my 2022 resolutions?

Last year I resolved to cook from scratch more, get my cardio fitness back, go for more walks, wear my retainers more regularly and continue saving money. I’ll be honest, I’ve been running in the gym more so cardio fitness is a tick and I do cook from scratch much more than I used to, so another tick, and my savings goals have all been met as well. My step count is up SLIGHTLY this year, but a pathetic attempt and my retainers have barely been out of the bathroom cabinet. So, not a full house but all in all a good shot I’d say!

Happy New Year everyone!

R x

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