Wardrobe Organisation Hacks I Swear By

I feel very smug writing that title as for about a year my clothes have been in boxes, storage bags and on rickety car boot style rails, but we’ve finally got wardrobes!

We’re trying the Ikea Pax hack to make them look in-built, so expect more on that on Instagram if we are successful but for now we are living life door less.

I had lots of fun sorting, folding and hanging my clothes into my new wardrobes and here I’m sharing my ultimate tips…

Hang as much as you can

In my opinion, hanging as much as possible is best as it’s easier to see your clothes that way and they also stay less creased. If you can’t hang everything, prioritise shirts, dresses and jackets.

Split summer and winter clothes

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have to split your summer and winter clothes purely for space reasons. When the seasons change, I vacuum pack one half of my wardrobe and put it in the loft or spare room. Separating your clothes by season will also free up room so you can see what you actually have.

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Use matching hangers

Now this is TOTALLY extra, i’ll admit it. But how uniform and organised does a wardrobe look when all of the hangers are identical? Dreamy!

Invest in drawer dividers

Having all of your items swimming around in big drawers can be a nightmare to find anything. I picked up a set of drawer dividers from B&M and they are perfect for my underwear! Amazon and The Range also do great options so it’s worth having a shop around.

Master Marie Kondo folding

The Queen of folding knows what’s what. Google it, and copy. There’s nothing more satisfying that perfectly folded garms and you can fit wayyyyy more into your drawers with her handy T-shirt folding method where you stack them upright instead of lying them down.


Try colour coding

I can’t promise how long my beautifully organised rails will stay colour cordinated but it’s so pretty to see my clothes from light to dark.

Happy organising!

R x

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