Dining in the Dark at Lost & Found, Bristol – An Honest Review

This Christmas I treated my bestie to a Dining in the Dark experience in Bristol and here’s how we got on!

I saw an ad for the event and I had heard about a similar thing in London before, but having never tried I thought now would be the perfect time too as my friend Grace is a real foodie.

The particular Dining in the Dark event we attended in Bristol was held at Lost & Found, a lovely restaurant that I’ve frequented before so I had high hopes.

The ticket includes a three-course meal and a welcome drink and set me back £40pp and I can confirm it’s definitely worth it! Here’s what you can expect…

Upon arrival we were shown into the back room at the venue, sectioned off from the rest of the restaurant. The lights were already dimmed and there was a red silky blindfold on everyone’s place setting. We decided to pop ours on straight away so we even experienced our delicious welcome cocktail without seeing it.


Grace stealthily managed to take photos even with a blindfold on (skilful, right?) so thanks to her I have some snaps to show you.

I opted for the red menu (meat) while my friend had the blue option (seafood). There’s also a green one for vegetarians and a white one for vegans. You won’t know what exact food you’re getting and that’s all part of the fun.

Trying to find our food and pick it up onto the fork was the first challenge. It’s surprisingly hard! Then, deciphering the different tastes is a whole new task but it was interesting trying to work out what was in front of us.


We ordered a bottle of wine to enjoy with our meal and luckily the attentive staff did the pouring and topping up as I’m not sure we could have managed that.

Seeing the mess I made on the table afterwards was funny (oops) but the waiters did say we did pretty well at finishing off our food.

After the experience was over someone came around to tell us what dishes we ate, but not before we had the chance to guess, of course. I manage to pick out the main ingredients but some were a total surprise.

I’ll be honest and say the food was really tasty but probably not the best of the best I’ve ever had, but I think the main thing about this is the unique experience and I’d definitely recommend it.

It’s a really fun thing to do with friends and there were also quite a few couples so it would make a very cute date night too!

Would you try dining in the dark?

R x

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