9 Things I Learnt From Doing Dry January

I made it! I completed 31 days alcohol free, ticking dry January off my erm… bucketlist. My willpower was certainly tested with a packed social calendar (typical) but I stood firm, sipped my OJ, and did it! Here are the 9 things I learnt when I did dry January…

I could actually give up drinking more often

Dry Jan did taught me to be more aware of drinking for the sake of it. There are definitely certain times when I may have a cheeky bevvy and then realise there wasn’t really much point.

Not drinking is a divisive topic

While most people said ‘Oooh good for you’ when I explained my month-long challenge, others looked surprised, baffled and damn right disappointed. Not drinking has this stigma of being boring that I really wish would change because I can promise you that my dancefloor moves are still extra even when I’m not fuelled by prosecco.

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Soft drinks can be tedious

There are only so many Coca-Colas or OJs you can drink. For some reason 10 proseccos doesn’t feel as taxing.

Cocktails > mocktails

I mean, I don’t mind a mocktail (and I had my fair share throughout the month) but the sweetness of the juice without the bite of the alch just feels like you’re having multiple glasses of fruit juice. 3 of my 5 a day I suppose.

Non-alcoholic prosecco is getting better

During dry Jan I treated myself to various bottles of Nozeco etc when I was having ‘drinks’ with the girls. While some types simply tastes like Shloer, others are a bit closer to the real stuff. Kylie Minogue’s booze-free pink prosecco ain’t bad!

The benefits are mysterious

My friend eagerly sent me a Women’s Health article that outlined the changes I could expect from dry Jan. Still waiting for the glowing skin and motivation to work out…

I’d be richer if I didn’t drink

One thing that probably has benefited though, is my bank balance. After my OJ and my cola, I’m back on tap water and that stuff is free.

Drunk people are loud

It’s so funny when you’re not merry but everyone else is as you notice the volume cranking up on everyone’s voice and the hand gestures getting more elaborate. It was quite entertaining to watch to be honest!


I won’t be doing it again in a hurry

Now dry Jan is complete I can add a big tick to that box. I’ve done it once, and I’m not sure I’d do it again. Cheers to that!

Would you try dry jan next year? Or maybe you’re tackling dry Feb?

R x

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