Dirty Martini Bristol Review: Bottomless Brunch

There’s only one proper way to have a good ol’ catch up with the girls, and that’s at a bottomless brunch. Whether it’s a special birthday or an impromptu day time drinking session, there’s a reason these kinds of brunches are so popular. Often in Insta worthy venues with pretty drinks, they know how to cater for the girls.


I’ve been to a fair few in my time (read: I am getting old) but I just had to dedicate a blog post to my favourite Bristol bottomless brunch yet, at Dirty Martini.

I’ve been to the Covent Garden location before for post-work cocktails when I was living in London, so I was v pleased to discover it was opening in Bristol. 

Me and three of my pals booked in for a boozy Saturday and boy did it deliver. Situated on Corn Street, it’s a central place with plenty of other bars around to continue on your night.

Neon lights and a swanky bar make it super cute but don’t worry, the decor doesn’t outshine the excellent service and delicious drinks. 

I’ve never ever been to a bottomless brunch where the waiting staff are so punctual with the drinks and let you order another before you’ve even finished the last. None of that trying to stare down the staff because you’re wasting valuable drinking time.

What’s also unique about Dirty Martini is that you can mix and match your drinks with a choice of cocktails, gin or prosecco. My advice? Try everything!


While you go to a bottomless brunch for the drinks, the food is always a welcome bonus when it’s good, and at Dirty Martini you won’t be disappointed. It comes served on afternoon-tea style birdcages and it included burgers, arancini balls and spring rolls. Delish!

The atmosphere was busy without it being too much and apparently it does get busier and more lively at nighttime, but we actually headed to Blame Gloria for dancing.

So if you’re searching for the best of the best bottomless brunch in Bristol, you heard it here first.

R x

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