My New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

As the new year is approaching, here are the resolutions I will be making for 2022. Firstly, it seems only fair to do a small recap on 2021’s resolutions to see if any stuck. Mine included unsubscribing from unwanted emails, appreciating the small things, watching more movies and learning calligraphy.

I do unsubscribe to ALOT more emails now – so that’s a resolution that I’ve actually managed to keep. As for appreciating the small things, that is definitely something that’s been a big priority this year. From a pretty sunrise to the scent of a beautiful candle, it’s those little moments that are true bliss.


It’s safe to say that the other two have been epic fails. I did calligraphy for a few weeks in January and then completely lost interest and as for watching an A-Z of movies, that has categorically not happened. Is it weird to say I’m not a film kind of person? Don’t hate me…

Now, the 2022 plans as that’s why you’re here right?

Stick to saving money

This year my partner and I bought our first house – which required A LOT of saving. It would be so easy to slow down on the savings front with no big goal to work towards but I’m keen to keep that going. After all, the gaff needs to be decorated somehow!

Up the cardio

I used to love high-intensity cardio classes in the gym and since the pandemic struck I’ve been working out at home and choosing more low-impact options like barre and weights classes. I’m determined to get my cardio fitness back this year. Even if it does involve burpees…


Go for more walks

At the start of lockdown, I was so good at using my daily hour for a good brisk walk and I’ve just completely got out of the habit. Working from home means that some days I barely rack up 1,000 steps and that really needs to change. While I won’t be setting myself a 10,000 steps a day challenge again, I will be trying to do a lot more than I do now.

Wear my retainers more regularly

Okay, it’s not a sexy resolution I’ll give you that, but it’s a necessary one. Wearing them once a night has turned into once a week and I need to get back in the habit of putting them in before bed to keep my nashers straight.


Cook from scratch more

Now I’ve got a decent sized kitchen, I’m really out of excuses. I don’t really enjoy cooking that much but I do want to do better. Nigella, watch this space.

Share your own resolutions below – I’d love to hear them.

R x

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