Genius iPhone Hacks You Need in Your Life

I’ve had an iPhone now for YEARS, upgrading to the latest model as and when I feel the need for a better camera, and I honestly don’t think I could change to a different make in the future. You might use your phone for hours upon hours each day, but are you using it to its max potential? There are loads of hacks you might not even know about… read on to get in the know…

iPhone search 

A basic but a goodie. I never even considered using this feature until it was brought to my attention by friends a few weeks back. You can simply search a topic like ‘picnic’ and whether your mum has sent you directions for a family picnic or you’ve written notes about ‘best picnic spots’ it will show up. Time-saver!


No tape measure to hand? Not a problem because your iPhone comes with a measuring app. Use it to estimate the size of certain objects – and also check if they are straight! 

Live mode 

This handy camera setting basically shoots multiple frames when you are taking just one picture – allowing you to select the exact shot you need. Just ensure the little yellow bullseye icon is on when you are taking pics.

Aeroplane mode

You may not have used this setting in a while considering travel has been pretty much off the cards thanks to the pandemic, but what you may not know is that by placing your phone into this mode when charging actually charges it faster – great for when you’re in a rush!


Portrait mode adjustments 

The invention of portrait mode was a feature that pleased many photography fans (including me) but did you know you can edit the depth of the photograph straight from your phone? After taking a portrait mode pic, just tap the f in the corner and you can change how blurred the background is – genius!


Adjust your keyboard 

If you’re a risky one hand texter who likes to stay in touch while walking down a busy high-street or running for the tube, then you may need to know this keyboard hack. When the keyboard is showing, hold the emoji button and it’ll bring up some keyboard icons, just switch to left or right to make the keyboard easier to use with one hand.


Screen recording

If you want to record a short video to show what you’re doing on your phone then you can select screen recording from the quick menu. It will show red in the top corner and you can just click on that again to stop. Fun fact… this is how I made the videos for this blog post.

Any other secret tips I should know about? Leave me a comment below.

R x

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