Klosterhaus Restaurant Bristol: Review

Having recently moved back to Bristol from London, I knew I needed to brush up on my local knowledge of the best eats and drinks in the city. After a little bit of searching, I discovered Klosterhaus, which was a new opening in 2020, so thought I would give it a shot.


I booked a table online via the easy to use link on their website but when the heavens opened on the morning of our booking I decided to switch our outdoor table for an indoor one. I gave them a quick call and they were so accommodating. It turns out the seating area outside is covered for those worried about the Bristol drizzle.


The restaurant is situated just a stone’s throw away from Cabot Circus in Quakers Friars. Fun fact, the building used to be Bristol’s registry office so it has a history of romance!


The restaurant space commands attention as soon as you walk in – I challenge you not to instantly reach for your phone for a cool Insta pic of the bar!

Klosterhaus has a buzzy feel about it in the evening and I really loved the vibe.


The staff were lovely when it came to amending the table booking and we were greeted with friendly smiles at the door, plus our waitress was very attentive. No complaints here!


We side stepped a starter and opted to go straight for a main course. My friend was drawn to the schnitzels and I thought ‘When in Germany’ and joined her in ordering a chicken schnitzel. The chicken was tender and tasty and it came with sweet potato fries (which were cooked to perfection) and a dressed bean salad. So yummy!



It wouldn’t a girly catch-up without a cocktail, so naturally we both ordered one from the menu. There were lots of interesting sounding ones to choose from, with something for every kind of taste. My Monkey Wanderer cocktail was zesty and refreshing.

We eyed up the desserts, but opted for a wine instead. Our chilled rosé was the perfect toast to a lovely evening. I’ll be back!

Have you tried Klosterhaus yet?

R x

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