What I’m listening to: My favourite podcasts

I’ve been a podcast listener for a while now – and I’m obsessed! Here are my top recommendations.


I missed the boat the first time round when everyone was raving about it, but two years ago I decided to give it a go and I instantly knew why it got so much hype. This true-life crime story is told by Sarah Koenig and you follow her has she tries to understand a murder investigation in Baltimore, America.

For most people, the first season was the peak of Serial’s greatness and the second season didn’t quite live up, however, for me the second season was even better. I studied International Relations at university (as well as journalism), so the story that was told about an American solider being captured by the Taliban really resonated with me. At times, it’s hard listening but the themes of morality, corruption and crime and punishment are so, so interesting.


As it’s from the same producers as serial, I knew I was going to enjoy this podcast. You have to give this one time to get you into it – the first few episodes I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but halfway through and I was totally hooked. S-Town stands for shit town and it follows the life and explores the character of a man called John who is a troubled soul who hates the town he lives in. The story is pretty harrowing, but again, like Serial, it brings up so many important questions about life. Honestly, give it a go!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Now if you haven’t heard about this podcast already then you must be living under a rock. My Dad Wrote a Porno is a podcast where Jamie (the one who’s dad wrote a porno) reads the erotic literature aloud and his pals Alice and James interrupt with laughter, jokes and comments as he goes along. It is impossible to describe quite how funny it is – but to illustrate, it does have me almost bursting into laughter on crowded transport very frequently.

Desert Island Discs

With a huge back log of celebrity interviews, I could spend hours listening to Desert Island Discs. The principle behind the show is that each guest is asked to select eight music tracks that mean something to them – basically, if you were a castaway, which eight pieces of music would you choose to take with you. Then, Kirsty young interviews them about their telling choices. From David Beckham to Caitlin Moran – there’s something for everyone here.

How To Fail 

After reading Elizabeth Day’s book, also entitled How To Fail, I thought I would give the podcast a go. She interviews notable celebs on their life failures. If you’re anything like me, sometimes when reading glossy mags or watching TV interviews with stars, their scripted answers and beaming smiles can leave me feeling a bit underwhelmed. Elizabeth ensures she digs deep into their character as they discuss their own self-proclaimed ‘failures’ in their lives. I particularly liked the episodes with Frankie Bridge and Also Daisy Edgar-Jones (star of Normal People).

She can. She did.

The presenter, Fiona, interviews savvy, sassy and seriously successful female business owners. Not only does she ask about their particular business and sphere of work, but she delves into things like work ethic, stress and juggling their personal lives. I loved the episodes with Lydia Millen and Kirssy Cela – both women who I really admire. 

Under the Skin

Disclaimer: if you don’t like Russell Brand, you won’t like this podcast. It’s hosted by the zany comedian and each time he interviews an expert in various philosophical roles. He tackles big topics like gun control, government corruption, poverty and mental health. My favourite episodes include ‘Selfie–obsession: Can narcissism ever make us happy?’ and ‘Can we really stop terror?’. You will learn A LOT!

Update: Russell’s podcast has since moved onto Luminary, a podcast service, but you can still listen to old episodes on your usual podcast app – and he also still uploads teasers to platforms such as Apple podcasts. 

Keeping it Candid

I’d been following Sophie Milner on Instagram for a while and when it popped up to say she was starting a podcast I thought it would definitely be worth a listen. Sophie sits down with fellow blogger friend Millie Cotton and each week they discuss a variety of different topical subjects – anything from the gender pay gap to the (sometimes condescending) term ‘influencer’. I like how down to earth the girls are, just casually chatting away – you almost feel like you’re part of their friendship group, listening in on their lives and opinions. I was lucky enough to get tickets to a live recording of their podcast, at the W London on Monday. Here’s a sneak peek…

Update: Keeping it Candid is now presented by Millie and her friend Lauren. Definitely still worth a listen as they address the same sort of topics!

I’m keen to get your podcast recommendations, so comment below!

R x

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