My beauty bag: five essential make-up products

I’ve told you all about my skincare heroes, so I thought I’d also share my go-to make-up products.  Because of my career in women’s magazines, I’ve tried out A LOT of beauty brands over the years, but here are the products that I would happily buy again and again and totally can’t live without.

Tom Ford liquid eyeliner, £45


I know this is rather on the pricey side of life when you can pick up an eyeliner for around £10, but trust me, this eyeliner actually changed my life. I couldn’t even do winged eyeliner until I got this babt! It’s the blackest of black pigments, it glides on like a dream and it even lasts when I’ve been profusely sweating (e.g on a hot day in London/running for the bus/jostling in the Topshop sales).

ReCover correct & conceal, £28


Concealer is literally my best friend, because spots are my sworn enemy. Okay, my skin’s not awful, but I do get hormonal flare ups where I just want to hide my face away. Instead of purchasing a fetching balaclava, I usually opt for this dreamy concealer. The one thing that these guys have nailed (that other brands haven’t) is the consistency. It’s silky and blends in seamlessly. You can kiss goodbye to chalky, dry patches that actually highlight the spotty areas rather than concealing them!

Clarins natural radiance foundation, £30


In my early twenties I was all about the matte foundation (I suppose everyone was back then?), but in the past few years I’ve made the migration over to a more natural, dewy finish. And this Clarins beauty delivers exactly that. I never thought I could find a foundation that gave my complexion an even finish without completely masking it – but I have. Big yay!

Topshop lips lipstick, £8


When it comes to lipstick, I will give a shout out to some of the more spenny brands that I do love – the likes of Aerin, Urban Decay and D&G, however, for my budget, Topshop delivers on quality. The buttery-soft formulas always feel so divine to apply and there are so many shades to choose from. Because of the creamy texture, they do bleed a tiny bit, but invest in a good lipliner and they are awesome.

Urban Decay naked heat palette, £39.50


When I left Perfect Wedding, I was given this by my team as a leaving present. The best gift ever! The gorgeous shades are so pigmented, easy to blend and long-lasting that I can’t imagine ever needing another eyeshadow brand again.

What’s in your beauty bag? I’d love to know!

R x

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