Expensive Beauty Heroes: Star Buys That Are Worth The Money

When it comes to beauty buys, parting with your hard-earned cash can be difficult – but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Here are the beauty heroes that I can honestly say are totally worth the luxury price tag!

Bobbi Brown Face Base

During my many years working for magazines, I got to try and whole host of beauty products – and one of the brands I tried a lot of was Bobbi Brown. I managed to find a few gems and one of them is without a doubt the face base cream. It’s a moisturiser-cum-primer that’s so luxurious. You don’t need an incredible amount so it doesn’t feel too overpriced.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve got a collection of palettes now from Urban Decay and I still use them all on rotation. Whether you are a fan of classic neutrals or prefer a bold eye colour, they have a whole range of shades to choose from. The eyeshadows never let me down – and they always manage to survive sweaty nights out (remember those?!).

St Tropez Face Mist

After seeing Lydia Millen use this on the daily, I knew it would be a good product. I managed to pick it up during a Boots sale (woo) but I can see why it does have its price tag. I’ve never used a face tan that applies so streak-free – you literally just liberally spray over your face and voilà the tan appears in a few hours. A summer-time essential!


Tom Ford Eye Liner

Never would I thought I would condone spending almost £50 on a simple eyeliner, but after trying so many others to attempt to get the same results, I’m realising it is just not possible. A swipe of the eye defining pen reveals a smudge-proof, super-neat line – and it’s honest unbeatable.


L’occitane Perfume

Another beauty that I first fell in love with when I was gifted it when working for a magazine. Just like the Bobbi Brown baby I mentioned above, I’ve now had to go and spend my own pretty pennies (okay Arthur’s pretty pennies for my bday present). But the point is that this is totally worth the price tag. The scent is floral and light and yet lasts all day – and that does not happen very often! Usually it’s only the pungent perfumes that linger around.

Dermalogica Powder

Dermalogica appears to be a love it or hate it skincare brand – with some beauty pros throwing shade and others being totally obsessed. I’m on the positive side of the fence, as I’ve found quite a few good Dermalogica products in the past. One of my faves being the microfoliant powder. I use it after cleansing sometimes for an extra squeaky clean feeling. It’s great for spotty skin!


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

I got my first Charlotte Tilbury lippy for my 29th birthday – and it was worth the wait. I went for the iconic Pillow Talk shade because it’s so versatile – it’s the perfect warm nude. It feels buttery soft and glides on beautifully. I’ll be honest and say it doesn’t last as long as my matte lipsticks but the velvet finish is so in right now – I love it!

I hope you found this round-up useful. Please leave a comment below!

R x

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