Primark’s Bobbi Brown Face Base Dupe That Will Save You £42

For a few years now I’ve relied on the cult classic Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. Although it’s a rather spenny purchase compared to my other beauty buys, it’s totally unique and makes my skin feel amazing.

I was delighted to see a dupe pop up on my Instagram from none other than my fave shop ever, Primark, so I kept my eye out for it when in store.

The price difference is drastic with the original from Bobbi Brown coming in at £46.50 and the Primark version ringing through the till at £4.50. Basically you could buy 10 of the Primark ones for the price! But how does it stack up?

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, £46.50

The buttery-soft texture of this Bobbi Brown beauty is like nothing you’ve ever come across. It melts into skin beautifully leaving it feeling and looking dewy. I’ve got combination skin which is prone to breakouts and even I don’t find it too oily. I use it as a base for my foundation as it helps it glide on and gives me a really subtle glow – not a shine but just plumped up, healthy-looking skin. 


Primark Vitamin Enriched Moisturising Primer, £4.50

The cream itself looks quite similar to the Bobbi Brown one. It’s a yellowy colour and has a thick consistency just like it’s pricey counterpart. The downside is that this one doesn’t have a beautiful lemon-y scent like the original so doesn’t feel very luxe. It applies quite similarly but I’d say it was more of a moisturiser than a primer, sinking in more rather than leaving a dewy base. Weirdly, although the Primark pot looks sizeably bigger, the amount of cream you get is actually more in the Bobbi Brown version – it must be thick packaging which gives the cheap one it’s bulk.


My verdict?

If you’ve never tried the Bobbi Brown one or you’re on a strict budget, definitely reach for the Primark bargain, but if you’re in love with your cult classic, I think it will be hard to give up. Nothing is as good as the original, although this one does come very, very close. I’m going to be in two minds next time mine is out because the saving is so great.

R x

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