The Inkey List: My Honest Product Reviews


If you haven’t heard of the beauty brand, The Inkey List, it’s about time you were enlightened. And before you recoil in horror, thinking ohhhh no, not another ridiculously pricey brand to apply to my skin and essentially wash down the drain. Oh no, this is one you can actually afford with products from just £5.99 (can I get a whoop whoop!?).

I suffer with blemish-prone skin and although my skin is definitely clearing up with age, I still have lots of marks from previous breakouts – and it’s sooooo annoying because my skin never, ever looks clear. I’m honestly so, so jealous of girls with flawless skin. Sob!

rachel recommends rosehip oil review

So, in my quest to try and minimise my old blemish marks I stumbled across some good reviews of The Inkey List Rosehip Oil. I had heard of The Inkey List before but never tried it, so this was my first foray into the brand.

It’s quite strange having a skincare product that isn’t clear or white, but the orange-red colour indicates that it’s 100% rosehip oil and not mixed with anything else.

You only need two or three drops to rub into skin. I tried using it in the morning, but I found that it works better for me when applied at night. My skin always feels so soft and supple when I wake up.

I’ve been using it for around eight weeks now, and I definitely have noticed an improvement on some of my scarring and the texture of my skin. For the price, this is a wonder product!

rachel recommends blemish treatment review

To combat the breakouts I still get around my chin and jawline (thanks hormones), I decided to also try The Inkey List C-50 Blemish Night Treatment. Although this product will NOT stop you from having spots it does clear them up super-quickly. Since using this, if a breakout flares up for me, the redness and inflammation is reduced much quicker.


rachel recommends salicylic acid review

And one of my most recent skincare purchases is The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser. Again, I was drawn to this particular product because of my blemish-prone skin and its wonder promises to unclog pores and remove excess oils.

Don’t let the word “acid” put you off – this product isn’t particularly astringent or damaging – in fact, you’ll find that there are many different acids (common ones being hyaluronic and salicylic) in beauty products.

It’s a gel-like consistency, which I think is quite good for my skin type. I absolutely love the feeling of foaming cleansers but I know for a fact that they just strip my skin so this one provides a good balance – my skin felt clean but not tight and stripped. If you wear a heavy face of make-up, you may wish to use a make-up remover before or simply double-cleanse with this product.

One big plus side of this cleanser is that a little bit goes a really long way. I hate it when people claim that to justify pricey products, but even with the pretty affordable price point, it will take you a while to empty the bottle.

I can’t say my skin was majorly transformed but it is a really nice cleanser that does seem to minimise blemish flare-ups so I’ll be continuing to use it.

My hero product from this mini haul has to be the rosehip oil – so if you’re considering buying just one product from The Inkey List – let it be this one! You won’t regret it!

If you’re interested in bargain beauty products, you may want to pick up some Lidl skincare with your next food shop.

If you have any other beauty topics you’d like covered on my blog, please drop a comment below or send me a message on Instagram.

R x

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