The ultimate hacks for the perfect commute 

Hey gang,

As you probably already know, I live in London Town and with that comes the (usually not so fun) commuter life! Since I’ve started a new job, I’ve got a longer commute, having to catch two different tubes. It’s not ideal however I’ve come up with some clever little hacks – here’s how to make your life easier when braving a big commute.

Get your timings right
If you catch the tube, you can plump for the fact that you’ll walk into the tube stop and one will be along soon (most of the time) however if you’re catching a bus or a train, you may need to plan your schedule more carefully. Having a set routine in the morning where you get up at the same time will also help you solidify this schedule – meaning no more running for the bus!

Bring a book
If you’ve got a hefty commute, it’s the perfect time to get stuck into a good read. Not only does it distract you from what’s going on around you (the annoying sneezing and awkward shuffling) it also means you are having a productive commute. I’m still debating whether to get a kindle to streamline my reading. What do you guys think?



Experiment with your route
Don’t just plump with one set route, having a trial run with some others may mean you find a quicker or easier option. The first few weeks of my new job have involved me trialling different routes, because that can make such a difference to your routine. I’ve even hopped on the bus a few times as the bus is cheaper and there’s a route that actually takes me pretty much door-to-door.

Pick a podcast
In the past few years podcasts have majorly taken off. They are a great way to learn new information, be entertained and they really help make a journey feel like it’s going a lot quicker. Also, what’s great about a podcast is that all you need is your phone and earphones, so even when you’re stood up sniffing someone’s armpit on the tube, you can escape into your own little world. Here are some of my
favourite podcasts at the moment. 

Sensible shoes
Heels are a no-go for a slick commute. Yes, you might look totally chic strutting off the Bakerloo line in a pair of stilettos, but your feet won’t thank you. I aways travel in my trainers and do a quick shoe swap before starting work. Honestly, it will change your life. 

One bag wonder
For years and years I was always that person carrying a multitude of bags with them – a small (totally impractical) handbag, a tote bag (with my trainers in) and probably some sort of other bag with my lunch and other miscellaneous items. Now, however, since this
amazing backpack from Fact + Fiction came into my life, I’ve been enlightened! 


Social scrolling
Treat yourself to a cheeky Instagram scroll in the morning. It will make your journey fly by and it means that you’ll be able to get straight on with work when you arrive at the office. But yes, I do realise that this top tip doesn’t work when you’re sweating it out on the underground. Whenever I don’t have signal, I use my notes app to write – usually one of my blog posts! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these top tips. Happy travelling!

R x

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