9 reasons to look forward to Winter

Hey lovelies,

Now that the clocks have gone back and it’s dark before you’ve even clocked off of work, it’s clear that winter is on its way. Instead of dreading those dark days, here’s why you should be embracing them!

1. Doing nothing

There is no more FOMO. You don’t decide to stay in one evening and wonder what an amazing time your friends are having at a rooftop bar or feel jealous of those that are soaking up some last rays in the park. Everyone is at home in their PJs. Everyone.

2. Getting comfy

On the topic of PJs… It now means that they are more than acceptable to slip on as soon as you get home. Slippers and dressing gown are optional extras that I personally love to sport. Toasty!

3. The C word

No, not that C word! It means we are on the approach to Christmas, which can only be a good thing, right? Endless mountains of incredible food, lots of family time and, not forgetting, the pressies*!

4. The fashion

As much as I love summer dresses and sandals, there’s something so chic about winter clothes. Plus, there are more opportunities for purchasing what with the scarfs, gloves and hats that need to be worn.

5. Commuter heaven

Okay, so getting the tube any time of year isn’t going to be that enjoyable. However, the heat of the central line in the summer is gross, so it’s positively refreshing to actually be grateful for the gust of warm air as you descend underground.


6. Winter Wonderland

I went to Winter Wonderland for the first time last year, when I had just moved to London and I have the fondest of memories. I can’t wait for a return visit. Last year I won this llama with my throwing prowess #skillz


7. Binge watching

I’ve recently ticked off Killing Eve and The Cry – and I’m looking for the next one to get obsessed with. Oh, and then there’s The Walking Dead every Monday. TV has never been so good. 

8. Dark lipsticks

When it comes to lippy, I’m a big fan of a deep red and a rich plum, so I’m looking forward to working them back into my make-up look.

9. Market shopping

I’m a BIG fan of a Christmas market, whether it’s the German markets in Bristol for hand-crafted goods and a sausage or the pretty ones along the Southbank – you can count me in.

So, here’s to a fabulous winter!

R x

*Arthur, if you are reading this, I’ll have a Jo Malone perfume and a Diptyque candle. Thank you please.

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