Veja Trainers Review: Are They Worth The Money?

Hey hey,

Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram or strolling the streets of London, you would have seen that Veja trainers are HUGE! First thing’s first, I’m not entirely sure if it is pronounced ‘vee-haa’ or ‘vee-jaa’ but hey ho – I’m glad this is a blog and not a vlog.

To be honest, they’ve been pretty popular for a while now, but I’ve only just gotten around to writing this review. I used to see really cool fashion-y girls rocking them on the tube and gradually, they became more and more mainstream. Megan Markle has actually been spotted wearing the brand too!

I purchased mine from Arket because the Covent Garden store isn’t too far from my office – and once my sights were set on having a pair, I couldn’t wait for an online delivery to come. I went for the pretty standard colour way – red and black. Although I was also eyeing up various green and metallic versions, I thought this would be a safer option for my first pair.

They set me back around £90, and the fact that they were more spenny than my running trainers did make me really ponder the decision before I made the purchase. But I can honestly say they are 100% worth the money! And I would rush to buy another pair… in fact, writing this review has got me very tempted for a second pair of Vejas.

What’s nice about the brand is that they are eco-friendly and fairtrade (hence the slightly higher price point). They source their materials sustainably and they give fair prices to their cotton and rubber producers in South America.

The main thing that I was worried about with splurging on these trainers was that they would be uncomfy. I was fearful that they would be retired to the scrapheap pile of uncomfortable shoes (you know the one). With heels, I kind of expect it, but for trainers to be painful, it just seems to defeat the whole point of wearing them.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that after around a month of very slight rubbing on the side of my foot (the bit where your big toe joins your foot – yeah, the potential bunion spot) the trainers were perfectly worn in and they are dreamy to wear now.

The one thing I would note is that this particular design is very flat, so if you have a high arch you could find them a little uncomfy for super-long walks. But for every day wear to throw on with jeans and a tee or dress down an ultra-cute summer dress, these are DREAM TRAINERS.

Are you part of the Veja club? Comment below!

R x

2 Replies to “Veja Trainers Review: Are They Worth The Money?”

  1. Veja fan here too. 😊Actually, the whole family for that matter. We got ours shipped from Veja Australia to Manila during the ECQ, last March and received it only this June. Hoping for our next pair with different color combination. 👟👟👟

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