Best SPF Face Cream: Green People Facial Sun Cream Review

Hi gang,

Before I get started on SPF, just a quick note to say that the product featured in this blog post has been gifted, but all views are completely my own.

After the glorious weather we have had in the past few weeks (with only a few days of rain), my thoughts are already turning to summer. Hopefully we will be free from lockdown and back to some kind of normality by then. But even if you are just sunning it in your own garden, SPF is super-duper important.

I think everyone in the beauty world is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of SPF, which is great. A lot of beauty products like foundation now come with SPF included which is even better. However, what do you do if you’re going make-up free? Or the foundation you use doesn’t have a high enough factor? Well, in that case, you need to be wearing a separate SPF. 

What is SPF?

Let’s start with the basics. The acronym stands for Sun Protection Factor and it’s the level of protection against different types of UV rays. If your sunscreen says it is ‘broad spectrum’ then this means that it protects against UBV and UBA rays.


When should I wear SPF?

I know the weather is notoriously bad here in the UK, but we have actually experienced some scorching summers of late and research actually shows that you even need SPF when it’s cloudy – as the rays still come through the clouds. And you should apply your SPF around 20 minutes before going outside for the best protection.

Green People Facial Sun Cream

rachel recommends green people suncream

I was kindly gifted the Green People Scent-Free Facial Sun Cream SPF30 to review and with their eco credentials and trusted brand reputation, I was keen to try out a Green People product. They are a cruelty-free, organic skincare/beauty brand who donate 10% of their profits to charity.

First impressions of the suncream are 10/10. I love the white, black and orange packaging, with its modern design and the size is perfect for travelling (which I’m sure will resume one day soon). Another plus is that the pump bottle is easy to use and means you can get just the right amount you need each time. Because there is nothing worse than when you waste a product and your money is literally slipping through your fingers and washing down the drain (sob!).

The packaging states that this cream is scent-free and I would agree in the sense that it doesn’t have the artificial tropical smell that some sun lotions possess. However, there is a very light natural scent to this cream at first whiff – but that soon disperses as you rub it into your skin.


It comes out pretty white, thick and heavy as most sunscreens do, but what’s unique about this product is that after application, you wouldn’t even know you’re wearing it. The cream sinks into skin to be totally undetectable and after around one minute your skin feels soft to touch. Not like other suncreams where you feel constantly sticky and on beach days you face becoming the sand monster as each and every grain sticks to your skin like a magnet.

The ingredients include green tea, avocado and aloe vera which all have soothing and rejuvenating properties, so as well as your skin being protected against sun damage, it is being treated at the same time. The calming formula means that this is suitable for people with sensitive skin, including anyone suffering from skin irritations like eczema.

I mostly wear this sunscreen when I’m not wearing any make-up, however I did apply make-up on top of it one day to trial it out and it didn’t stop my primer and foundation being easily applied as usual.

I’m so pleased that I’ve discovered this fuss-free, non-greasy sunscreen to use on a daily basis. Do you have any star beauty buys that you now can’t live without? Leave a comment below.

R x

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