What is Reiki and Does it Really Work?

Reiki. It’s a buzzword you may have heard of. According to Wikipedia, it’s a ‘Japanese form of energy healing and Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing’. Keep reading to discover what actually happens in a reiki session and why you should have one. 

I went to Charlee Baker Beauty and Wellbeing for my first ever reiki session. Charlee is a friend and former work colleague and she kindly gifted me the treatment. I had a random Friday in January off work so I swiftly booked the appointment online with a grand plan of a pamper day off but what with lots of life admin to do, I actually arrived feeling rather frazzled.

I selected a massage and reiki combination which involves an ordinary massage with around 15mins of reiki healing at the end.

The treatment room is located within a swanky hairdressers, Gareth Charles Hairdressing on Gloucester Road and the warm and calm room at the back of the salon was the perfect place to find zen. 

The massage for me was quite energising as opposed to relaxing as I’ve got VERY tight shoulders so they needed a bit of pressure to ease the tension. I personally really love a firm pressure massage and it was fabulous. My shoulders felt like they had dropped an inch by the end!

The reiki session included Charlee placing her hands on various areas of my back and neck with a really gentle touch. It feels unusual to have someone place their hand on you so softly and just keep in there, but once you get into it, it feels so comforting and calming.

What I did notice is the heat from Charlee’s hands but other than that I was definitely off in my own world – which is a good sign. I even did that weird little twitch thing that you sometimes do just before you drift off to sleep which showed I was extremely relaxed.

After the treatment, Charlee gave me personalised feedback about the areas that she was drawn to during the session. For me it was the throat chakra which related to communication or medical issues around the throat like thyroid or a sore throat.

Can reiki heal you?

Charlee explained: “It doesn’t cure, energy field chakras cause a blockage and I help it to release.” 

Who is suitable for reiki?

Charlee said: “Anyone is suitable but it’s great for anyone that’s had any trauma or suffers with anxiety depression as it offers deep relaxation.” Many of Charlee’s clients come to her with feelings of anxiety and leave each time feeling restored, reset and their worries somehow seem smaller.

I personally think if you struggle with mindfulness or meditation, having a reiki session could be a good way to introduce you to that calm state of next to nothingness.

How I was feeling before reiki?

Busy, stressed, rushed, tense. 

How I was feeling after reiki?

Positive, light, relieved, calm.

Would I have reiki again?

Absolutely! Charlee was great at making me feel relaxed and at ease. And if you’re not the sort of person who’s sold on the healing aspect of it, I’d recommend just being open to the idea but also you could simply go for the relaxation as the gentle resting of hands on your body is strangely soothing.

Discover more about Charlee Beauty and Wellbeing on Instagram and Facebook.

The treatment listed in this blog post was gifted, but all views are completely my own.

R x

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