Bag review: The game-changing backpack that you need in your life

The lovely team at Fact + Fiction kindly got in touch to see if I’d like to try one of their bags and after looking at their website, my response was a positive ‘hell yeah!’.

I was dazzled by the many different styles and designs on their site. I particularly liked the Reese Tote and Sophia Tote, but the one that screamed ‘hello, I’m your new best friend’ was this beautiful backpack – the Lea Backpack. Since moving to London, I’ve been a big fan of using a backpack because it means I can keep my hands free for my Oyster Card or my phone (always on the gram). And I was right to be excited, the moment it arrived, I was totally obsessed. Let me tell you exactly how fabulous this bag is…


Size DOES matter

For me, the bigger the better when it comes to bags. Yeah, the super-small across the body bags are cute, but can you fit anything more than a tampon in them? No. The answer is definitely not. This backpack is SO roomy. It is a bit much for squeezing around the aisles of a Tesco Metro (so you will knock a few things off the shelves) but for commuting, it’s perfecto.


Pretty AND practical 

Usually you have to do a trade-off between comfy and cute or practical and pretty e.g those strappy heels might work for Insta, but they sure as hell aren’t going to be comfortable for walking more than a few steps in. But, as you can see, this bag looks the part as well as being practical. It doesn’t look out of place with my work clothes, gym gear or even a floral dress, thanks to its chic design. Plus, the padded straps make it super-comfy to wear (even with tonnes of stuff in).


Organise all areas

What I love most about this bag is that there are so many compartments for different things. I often carry quite a lot of things with me – as well as the obvious purse, phone and keys, I almost always carry my diary, an umbrella, deodorant, a hair brush, lipstick, tissues, a pen… the list goes on. So this bag was literally the answer to all of my prayers. There’s a side pocket to pop a drink in for easy access, a front pocket with compartments to keep important things in easy reach and there’s even a clever little compartment at the bottom to store your shoes separately. Honestly, it’s genius.


As well as busy commuters and gym-goers, this bag would be ideal for mummies. It even has insulated pockets inside to keep bottles warm. I’m going to recommend it to all of my friends who have kids. A complete game-changer!

R x

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