The best places to go in Brighton

Just an hour away by train from London, Brighton is the perfect place for a seaside escape. One sunny weekend, we decide to embark on a trip to this picture-perfect coastal city (when I say we, I mean that I came up with the idea and Arthur obliged).

We set off around 10am from our West London flat and headed for Blackfriars, the cheapest route to Brighton from London. The train was busy and we soon discovered (thanks to the many football shirts) that Brighton were playing Fulham.

On our way from the train station to the town, we walked through the grounds of the Royal Pavillon. If you’re organised and have brought a picnic with you, here would be a very cute spot to tuck in.

IMG_7101 2.JPG

We arrived in Brighton just in time for lunch and our journey had made us rather peckish, so it was a no brainer. On route to find a suitable food establishment, I was absolutely dazzled by the rows of colourful shops selling the most amazing wares. Shopping beats food every time in my book, so I had a little look around a few stores before proceeding down the road.



We came across Dough Lover and liked the look of the brunch-y menu. I opted for scrambled eggs and washed it down with a mango slushie. We sat outside in the sunshine and it was a glorious start to our trip.


Suitably fuelled, we went back to the shoppies for another mooch around and afterwards we stopped at The Flour Pot for a cuppa. I do not know how I managed to resist the main sweet treats that were on offer, but I did (c’mon willpower) and we again sat outside to soak up the sun on what we thought could be the last day of summer.

The next stop was the beach. Not quite the golden sands that I’ve experience in the Maldives, I’ll give you that, but fabulous nonetheless. We sat upon the pebbles, basking in the sunshine and I read a few chapters of my book.


As with everything, you save the best until last and for us, that’s the pier. I spent many summer afternoons at Weston Pier when I grew up in Bristol, so I have really fond memories of 2p machines and sugary doughnuts.



We spent a small fortune on the slot machines and trying to win a sloth teddy from the toy grabber (yes, that one that NEVER grabs). However, my saving grace was the tin can game. I took on the challenge and knocked them all down (YAY). In homage to the Baby Shark song that is infiltrating the internet at the moment, I went for a sharky! And as you can see by the sheer joy on my face, I was over the moon.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 10.19.56.png

After all of the excitement of my big win, we were pretty tired out so we headed home, but I’ll certainly be back to Brighton next summer as I still have a list of places I’d like to go – like Cloud Nine, Moksha Cafe and West Beach Bar and Kitchen.

What do you guys love about Brighton? I’d love to know.

R x

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