11 thoughts everyone has during a spin class

Since moving to London I’ve got really into spinning. It started when I went to a BoomCycle class and realised that with the lights low and the music pumping, peddling like mad and sweating like a pig could be relatively (okay, a little bit) enjoyable. Now I’m a regular at the 7am spin classes at my local Fitness First. I know it’s madness, but I love it. If you’re a fellow spinner, you WILL relate:

1. Is it over yet? (usually a thought that pops up approximately seven minutes into the class)

2. Full turn? Full turn? I totally hope she didn’t notice when I pretended to do a full turn and didn’t move the dial at all

3. They really need to invent a comfier saddle

4. I’m totes getting the hang of this now, maybe I should cycle 10 miles to work?


5. This teacher has wayyyy too much enthusiasm for a Monday evening. It’s really not normal

6. If I sweat any more I may actually just slip straight off this bike

7. Maybe I could call in sick if I can’t walk tomorrow…

8. Thank GOD the lights are off because I am one hot mess*

9. I wonder if this is how Victoria Pendleton feels?

10. I truly pray that the person behind me is too tired to even look at my bum

11. Is she racing me? She’s bloody racing me! Just you wait lady!

*Until of course the cool down arrives and they decide to flood the studio with light to let everyone see that you’re sweating from every possible place – especially the cleavage. Brilliant.

So there you have it, the many thoughts that cross my mind as I’m peddling up one huge imaginary hill. Now, on yer bike!

R x

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