7 Easy Ways To Be Kind on World Kindness Day

Today may be Friday 13th, but more importantly than that it is World Kindness Day. Why not mark today, or this weekend, by making the world a kinder place? Here are seven easy ways to be kind which will hopefully inspire you…

1. Send a handwritten note

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more special than receiving a handwritten note or card. In a world which moves at a million miles an hour, and more and more communication is taking place online, the simple art of letter writing goes a long way. Take some time out of your day to pen a letter or postcard to someone you care about.

I love receiving thoughtful cards from my friends

2. Leave a nice comment

The online world is both magical and terrifying at the same time – it only takes one look at the Daily Mail comments section to know it can be a cruel, cruel world out there. Leaving a nice comment for someone on social media is bound to brighten their day – whether it’s your friend who’s dress sense you always admire or your colleague who has the most amazing Insta-worthy home – tell them!!

3. Order from a small business

If the pandemic is to leave a lasting mark, I hope one of the lessons will be about shopping local. Supporting friends who have new businesses or small companies you see on Instagram is more important now than it ever was. Make someone’s day by placing an order (and do you need reminding that it’s almost Christmas?!). While I’m here, I shall do my good deed for the day and shout out to Gee Gee’s Bakes – my lovely friend Grace who bakes the most epic cakes!!!

You can tick off number 1 and number 3 by ordering a cute card from Leaf Lane Studio (their stuff is gorge!)

4. Spend some quality time

Gifts are lovely, but time is precious. Donate some uninterrupted time to your friend or relative. Of course we cannot properly socialise during lockdown, so this could be with a phone call or virtual meet. My nan is always so grateful for a simple phone call and it’s so sweet!

5. Make something for someone

A DIY present takes gifting to a whole new level. The time, the effort, the thought. Whether you are a master baker and fancy whipping up some brownies or you are keen to try the art of knitting, a handmade item is a very kind gesture indeed.

A few years back I made my close friends and family jewellery dishes for Christmas!

6. Give to charity

There are more people in need than ever before, so if you are able to give just a little it will make a real difference. You don’t need to sign up to an overwhelming monthly subscription or donate half your wages, but giving what you can to those in need is a lovely way to show kindness – and the buzz you will get will be oh-so rewarding. If you don’t have any funds to spare, you could always partake in a solo charity run or clear out your closet ready for when the charity shops re-open.

7. Be kind to yourself

With all of this talk of being kind to others it’s very possible that you’ve forgotten about yourself – however, being kind to numero uno is just as important. You can’t pour from an empty cup as they say. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t burn yourself out and don’t expect too much from yourself during these very testing times.


R x

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