How to Wear a Face Mask (And Look Cute)

This post contains gifted items (as well as an exclusive discount code – so keep scrolling)

When the clock struck midnight for the start of 2020 and we all cheered for the new year ahead, little did we know what it had in store for us. The global pandemic brought by the virus Covid-19 completely turned the world upside down. Now we are easing out of lockdown, we have emerged to find a “new normal”. Social distancing remains, new rules and regulations have to be adhered to – and now it is mandatory to wear a face covering in all shops in England, as well as on public transport and in various other indoor spaces. So it’s official, the face mask has become the unexpected accessory of 2020.

The face mask has become the unexpected accessory of 2020

Fed up of using endless amounts of disposable masks, I sought a more sustainable option. I came across Aftermask and I was so impressed by their range of styles – in fact, it took me a while to decide which design to plump for. Since I ordered my own mask, the lovely Aftermask team have kindly gifted me some more to try and given me an exclusive discount code for my followers.

Use RACHELRECOMMENDS15 to save 15% at Aftermask

Top Tips For Wearing An Aftermask Face Mask Safely

  • Always wash your hands (or use hand sanitiser) before you put on your mask
  • Place a new filter inside the opening every time you use your mask
  • Avoid touching the cloth of the mask itself and use the ear straps to pull on and off your face
  • Ensure your mouth and nose are completely covered – this sounds like an obvious point, but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t do this!
  • After removing the mask, place straight into the pouch provided by Aftermask – this will ensure the potentially contaminated mask doesn’t spread the virus around
  • Wash the mask and the pouch on a 60 degree wash to kill any virus/germs*

    * If you don’t want to do a full wash load, what I’ve been doing is scrubbing my mask in the sink with soap and then pouring boiling water over it

Why Choose Aftermask?

  • From a purely aesthetic perspective, their designs are amazinggggg! From leopard print to ditsy florals, there really is something for everyone
  • They have two different sizes (S/M or M/L) to you can make sure you get the right fit
  • They are unisex
  • They are comfortable to wear and breathable
  • They come with a filter and handy carry pouch
  • They can be used time and time again
  • Some style come with SUPER cute matching scrunchies
  • You can get a discount! Use the code RACHELRECOMMENDS15 to save 15% at Aftermask

The discount works on only and is one use per customer.

R x

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