MY NEW HOME: Ikea haul

My partner landed himself a job in London so it was time to say goodbye to my lovely flatshare and find a pad for him and I. Luckily, we found somewhere perfect that’s affordable (well, as affordable as London rent can be) and still in West London so we’re both super happy.

Although the flat is furnished, the day after move day, we headed straight to Ikea to do a massive homewares shop. We even took a suitcase with us on the tube because we knew we’d by A LOT.

Check out what we got right here:

We’ve barely unpacked it all and I’m already keen for another visit (and not just for the hotdog pit stop!)

R x

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4 Replies to “MY NEW HOME: Ikea haul”

  1. Congrats on the move/new place!! You can’t go wrong with IKEA, it’s been too long since I last went and now I’m dying to go. Great haul hun! ❤


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